Monday, June 26, 2006

Ahh! In danger of being Delisted!

So, just like on the NASDAQ and DJIA where if your stock price falls below a certain value, my blog is in danger of being delisted from Courtney's linky-loo if I don't post to it soon.  So, in that vein, I present you with a quick (and lame) synopsis of my weekend.

Friday night:  Good Times
Saturday (all day): Good Times
Sunday (all day): Mediocre Times.

And there you have it!

        No seriously, Friday was fun.  First, I met up with Jim and Phil to get a quick bite to eat at Uno's pizza (thanks for subsidizing my portion of the tip Phil!) before I had to split and meet up with CarlyMo and her friends at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse for a movie.  I got to see Serenity (the sci-fi movie) for the first time, and it was good, esp. since the theater was full of geeks.  The neat thing was that I was the only one in the theater who hadn't seen the movie yet, so the MC was asking if they had any Brown Coats from the mid Atlantic, NoVA Brown Coats (Brown Coats are the name for fans of Firefly/Serenity), and other stuff.  So he then asks rather jokingly, "Has anyone out there not seen this movie yet and is seeing it for the first time?"  So, like the good boy that I am, I stand up and make an appropriate "Whoo!", to which the whole audience gives me a rousing round of applause.  It's nice being welcomed by fellow sci-fi fans!.  Four of CarlyMo's friends are lawyers.  So before I know this, I am talking to the one on the right in the row in front of me and I say, "So, what do you do?"  She says, "I'm a lawyer."  To which I reply, "Oh that's neat!", and she is almost knocked from her seat because she is rather shocked and amused that I responded that way (which was the first time she had ever had anyone respond that way - usually she gets the standard "Oh." or "I'm sorry").

        The movie was good - it's definitely not one you can tune out of half way through, because for the most part, all things relate to each other and you are trying to solve the mystery of River, the psychic 17 year old.  See, it turns out that in the end, it's all just a dream…Nah!  This wasn't the Bob Newhart season finale!

        Saturday was good - I was the DD at the Old Dominion Brewery Festival.  Not much to say other than I like unlimited root beer.  And afterwards I stopped by Carly Nusbaums for a simple shindig where I did horrible karaoke because I still had no voice due to the sickness from bad pudding (more in a sec).  As a side note, I unlocked 10 new tracks on Guitar Hero, 5 of which I beat to unlock Fat Lip by Sum41 - which I managed to play perfectly and not miss a note on Easy Mode, thus signaling that I was at the top of my game for the evening and that it was time for me to stop and bid adieu.

        So, about bad pudding.  At our office, we have community fridges on every floor (yes, I can hear the collective groans coming out of everyone right now.  I know, I should have just stopped there as soon as I said community fridge - but I was hungry!).  So as a rule, you NEVER eat food that people have brought in a Tupperware container.  That's just wrong.  There are big rules against that.  However, individually wrapped, commercially packed food is another category.  See, the cutthroat rules for those are governed by the throw-away policy that is stated/posted on the fridge.  If the throw-away/clean out policy states that all food in the fridge will be thrown out after X date/time, then anything commercial that is in the fridge AFTER that time is fair game, because if someone ever asks, "hey, where did my X go?", you get to say as a blanket response, "Oh, it was fridge cleaning yesterday/this morning/afternoon, so it probably got tossed…[into my stomach]".  And even if they are a bit perturbed, they understand that it was cleaning and that the rules stated that Everything MUST GO!  NO OFFER WILL BE REFUSED! "Sir, can I interest you in this half empty bottle of 2-liter soda? What will you give me for it? A clean fridge?" Sold! (btw - half eaten individual servings are a no-go, but community size - party pack, 2 liter, 1 gallon - are totally fair game.

        So since Friday evening (two weeks ago) was clean out time (anything left after Friday gets cleaned out Monday morning), I took "stock" of what was in the fridge and could possibly be consumable - you know, casing the scene before the crime.  A good food agent is a knowledgeable agent - otherwise, they could feel the wrath of their hungry co-workers.  So on Monday when I get in, I see what is still left before they commit food genocide.  Well, there was a small, individual Swiss-Miss vanilla pudding pack that had been sitting in the fridge for a week, and was looking very lonely and vulnerable out there in the wild.  I decided to take it in and call it my own.  Because, who else was going to look after this lonely, poor, helpless widdle-swiss-miss (GIANT teary puppy-dog eyes)?  Enter Steve to the rescue!  I deftly swooped in, plucked it from the clutches of the trash, and quickly gobbled it up.  Mission Accomplished.

(One hour later…)

        Curse you Swiss Miss!  How DARE you give me upset stomach and indigestion!  Is this the thanks I get for saving you from certain doom?  I saw you sitting there, no one loved you, and I even picked out a nice Kirkland's Best plastic spoon to consume you with, and now you give me abdominal aggravation!  Pearls before Swine!

        So anyways, I got sick from this pudding, and I got a cold that stuck with me for most of the week.  But good shall always triumph over evil, and today, I am feeling relief, thanks to my NEW friend, "Cold Tabs II", brought to you by your local office medicine cabinet.  And what have we learned class?  Not to eat dairy products that have been sitting in the fridge for over a week with an unknown start date.  Next time I am totally sticking to the soda and left over spaghetti from catered lunches.

Next Week's lesson:  Stocking up on office supplies for "business" use.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Courtney said...

Bah, you had at least a month before the blade would have come down. And I thought that pudding cups lasted forever? Maybe it's only the Snack-packs.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Steven H. said...

Well, if they are non-dairy pudding cups, they last forever, but if they are dairy ones (i.e. refridgerate onlys) then they last only so long

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

You are in sore need of an update, sir. I demand more funny!

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